Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Soap

$ 6.00

*Boxes are no longer available for this product. Product will be shipped without box and label, only the bar of soap.

Fantastic for all skin types. Perfect for all skin types. This soap has a fresh soap smell. We do not add any essential oils to this soap.

Activated Charcoal Soap is great for Acne Control, Skin Blemishes, Dry Skin. Combined with Goat Milk, this soap is very moisturizing for the skin. Powerful skin detoxer.

Our goat milk soaps are handmade in small batches. We use fresh raw goat milk, all natural vegetable oils, and 100% pure essential oils.

All of our soaps give you a rich creamy lather for the skin. They are great for your hair, body and shaving.

Ingredients: organic oils (olive, palm kernel*, coconut, castor), goat milk, organic activated charcoal powder

*certified sustainable by Friends of the Earth

Each bar weighs between 5 to 6 oz since we cut each bar by hand

Handmade soaps last longer if they are kept dry in between uses.

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