Hand Soap - Rosemary Mint - 9.4 oz

$ 11.00

Our all natural hand soap has a rich creamy lather leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. It makes a great addition to any sink. 

Our soap is concentrated so it takes just a small amount to clean the hands. 

We handcraft in small batches, use only the highest quality ingredients and choose organic whenever possible. Our scents are created using pure essential oils.

Size: 9.4 oz plastic dispenser 

Ingredients: distilled water, organic oils (coconut, castor, palm kernel*), rosemary and peppermint essential oils

Our goal is to clean the planet not dirty it. Everything we sell will arrive in recycled or recyclable packaging. Be kind to our planet and please recycle.

*certified sustainable by Friends of the Earth

Why does 100% Natural Soap form a clump of soap at the end of dispenser tip?
*The distilled water in natural soap evaporates and leaves behind pure soap paste at the tip end which can be easily cleaned with a toothpick and hot water.
*Another option is to use either 25% liquid soap to 75% water or 50% liquid soap to 50% water in a foam dispenser glass bottle.

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