Cleaning Paste - 16 oz

$ 13.50

Natural multi-purpose cleaner is a must have for the home! Our new cleaning paste will do the heavy job for you. Here on the Homestead, we use this cleaning paste to clean the bathrooms (tub, shower, sink, counter and even the toilet) and in the kitchen (pots and pans, oven, sink, counter, coffee pot, stove). Use with a sponge, rag, brush, any scrubbing tool with a small amount of cleaning paste and scrub away or give it a little elbow grease. Start with a small amount then add if more is needed to get the job done.

Worry free cleaning, we add no chemicals to our products. Plus, our paste is unscented.

The price is for one 16 oz glass jar. Once jar is empty, simple wash and use for something else. Possibilities are endless.

Ingredients: saponified organic babassu oil and distilled water, sodium bicarbonate

Cleaning made fun!


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