Shipping information

Products will be shipped within 3-5 business days of payment receipt to the address listed on your order. All items are shipped USPS unless specifically requested by the customer. 

We do not print invoices/receipts unless specifically requested to conserve paper and our planets trees. We are happy to include a recycled note or card if your item is a gift, please let us know. 

Keeping with our focus on sustainability, our packing will all be recycled or recyclable. That means that the envelope, box, or packing peanuts/paper you receive may be from another store, or previously used. We prefer not to add additional waste if there is an alternative available.

Any packing peanuts used in our shipping are made from 100% sorghum starch, they are all-natural with no toxic chemicals. They can be used for fertilizer on your lawn or garden, added to your compost pile, recycle or reuse them.